Tessel 2 has full support for JavaScript and Node.js (LTS versions). The relevant repos can be found here:

Binary modules

There is support for precompiled binary modules on Tessel 2. The best way to find out whether the module you want is available is to try deploying it. The module has been precompiled, it will just work!

For modules that have not been precompiled, you will see an error message explaining why it cannot be loaded:

Pre-compiled module is missing: {name of module}.
This might be caused by any of the following:
 1. The binary is platform specific and cannot be compiled for OpenWRT.
 2. A pre-compiled binary has not yet been generated for this module.
 3. The binary didn't compile correctly for the platform that you're developing on.
    It's possible that the binary is Linux-only or even OpenWRT specific,
    try npm installing with "--force" and rerun your deployment command.
Please file an issue at

Submit an issue and we will look into precompiling it. Our precompilation server lives in the t2-compiler repo.

Rust (work in progress)

The Tessel team is working toward first-class support for Rust. If you’re interested in the state of that project, check out the tessel-rust repo.

How to add support for more languages

Interested in adding support for a new language to Tessel 2’s CLI? Here is a detailed blog post on the six components you will need: Interfacing with the Language Plugin API for Tessel 2

(It is worth noting that support of Python for Tessel 2 was originally planned, but is no longer in active development.)