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BairesDev brings Tessel back for the community.

Explore docs, samples, and all modules to fuel your creations.

Tessel’s Comeback: Fueled by Community and Innovation

Welcome to the new Tessel era, reimagined by BairesDev for innovators and creators everywhere. Tessel 2 is your fast track to IoT and robotics, making device creation quick and accessible through the power of Node.JS. From sensors and actuators to cameras and dongles, our plug & play modules let you bring ideas to life with ease.

Explore our rich documentation, dive into a world of modules, and connect with a community eager to see what you build. Tessel 2 is not just hardware; it’s a development platform that embraces open-source collaboration and the joy of making. With Tessel and BairesDev, unlock the potential to innovate, learn, and share in a technology-driven community. Let’s create the future

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Unleash creativity with the modules. Sense, connect, and control to bring your ideas to life.

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Jumpstart your projects with the clear, concise documentation. Learn, build, and innovate.

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Empowering Innovators

Join the global network of developers and creators leveraging Tessel for cutting-edge IoT projects. Your next big idea starts here.


The Heart of Tessel 2: Essential Features

Tessel 2 packs essential features for rapid innovation: dual module ports, USB connectivity, robust wireless and wired internet, and powerful processing. It's everything you need, simplified for speed and creativity.

  • 2 Tessel Module ports
  • 2 USB ports
  • 802.11bgn Wifi
  • Ethernet
  • 580MHz Mediatek MT7620n
  • 64 MB DDR2 RAM & 32 MB Flash
  • 48MHz Atmel SAMD21 coprocessor
  • microUSB

The Modules

Unlock your Creativity
Explore Tessel's Modular Magic

Discover the limitless possibilities of IoT and robotics with Tessel’s expansive module ecosystem. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting out, Tessel’s modules make it effortless to bring your ideas to life. From sensing the environment with climate and light sensors to controlling the physical world with motors and relays, our plug-and-play modules are designed for simplicity and versatility. Dive into the collection, integrate with just a few lines of code, and transform your creative concepts into reality. Start exploring now and see where Tessel can take your projects!


Monitor movement on 3 axes with accelerometer. Quick, easy setup.

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Track light and sound easily with Tessel 2's ambient module.

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Play and loop audio files with Tessel 2's audio module. 

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Enable BLE connectivity. Quick to set up for wireless projects.

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Stream and Capture photos. Easy setup for imaging projects.

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Monitor climate. Quick setup for temperature and humidity tracking.

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Track location with Tessel 2's GPS module.  Real-time positioning.

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Control devices with the IR module. Easy setup for remote commands.
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Switch devices on/off with the relay module. Setup for power control.

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Scan RFID tags with the RFID module. Quick setup for tag reading projects.

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Control servo motors with the servo module. Easy setup for motion projects.

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Handle USB storage with Tessel 2. Easy file management setup.
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Tessel 2 Projects




Frequently Asked Questions

New features on Tessel 2 include extremely reliable WiFi, an ethernet jack, two USB ports, and a system that runs real Node.js/io.js.
Also added support for scaling up: board customization options, and services for embedding Tessel in a product

Check out our modules page!

Tessel 2 is designed for the fastest possible path to production. Plug and play modules and high-level APIs set it apart from most other development boards. Tessel doesn't expect you to set up and maintain a Linux system or track down pinout diagrams to wire up sensors (though the root shell and GPIO access are available should you desire them).

Yes. First-party modules will have high-level APIs and be tested to ensure driver support, but you can also add your own USB devices if the drivers are compatible and/or you dive a little deeper into the OpenWrt ecosystem.

No, Tessel is not structured as a conventional company. Initially, the Tessel board was introduced by a startup called Technical Machine. It has since evolved into an independent, volunteer-driven entity known as the Tessel Project. For those with inquiries, Tessel can be reached via Twitter at @tesselproject. More detailed questions can be addressed on the forums. For order-related queries, Seeed Studio is the point of contact.

Despite the cessation of its original production, the enthusiasm and passion of the community have not waned. Recognizing this, Bairesdev has taken the initiative to revive the Tessel board, catering to the community's continued interest and support.